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Why should Pimapen PVC Windows be preferred?
Before explaining Rehau PVC Windows, let's start by explaining what PVC is, which we encounter very often in our daily lives. PVC is literally called "vinyl" among the people. The use of PVC, which consists of the initials of Poly, Vinyl, Chloride, became widespread with the Second World War, and in the last 40 years, it has started to be used in many fields from medical materials to electronic materials, from the automotive sector to the construction sector. Having a wide usage area, PVC is also used in the construction of Rehau PVC Windows. So, should Rehau PVC Windows be preferred?

Although materials such as wood, aluminum or PVC are preferred for windows or doors, the most common of these is the use of Rehau PVC Windows. Galvanized support sheets added to Rehau PVC Windows to increase their static properties consist of reinforced PVC profiles. Rehau PVC Windows have special gaskets that ensure that the case, sash and glass do not leak. The opening and closing of the wings is possible through the equipment. In this way, Rehau PVC Windows, which are longer lasting and durable, take their place in the market in 6 different series, with pimablock shutters, aluminum cladding and storbox blinds. Rehau PVC Windows, which have a longer use than aluminum and wood and are preferred by many people, make a big difference to their competitors with the advantages listed below.

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The main reasons why PVC is preferred in many areas and windows are;

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Compared to other materials, PVC offers a more robust and functional ease of use.

PVC is very difficult to ignite because it carries chlorine atoms in the polymer chain. So the ignition temperature is high. In the event of a possible combustion, when the heat source is removed, the combustion stops immediately. Thanks to this feature, PVC becomes inevitable for applications such as Rehau PVC Windows, doors and coatings.

PVC; It is resistant to weather conditions, chemical corrosion, abrasion and shock.

According to the researches, the application of PVC in Rehau PVC Window Systems; proved that more than 60% of them have a lifespan of more than 40 years.

PVC's advantages such as its price advantage, environmental friendliness, being a good insulation material against sound, humidity and similar external effects, being used in many areas and being reusable, distinguish it from other materials and are among the reasons why most people prefer Rehau PVC Windows. .

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